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What are the different options when you use 1 Source Apartments?

1 Source Apartments is one of the top rated apartment locating services in the DFW area with over 150+ Five Star Reviews. Our service is totally FREE and your information is kept confidential (you will only be emailed regarding your search – no marketing or spam emails will be generated). We are licensed real estate agents and have a database of properties we use to help find you the perfect property. We will send you pictures, floor plans, specials and check current availability. How is our service free? The properties pay us out of their advertising budget and it will not affect your rent or specials in any way. In fact you will receive a lease incentive when you write us down on your application and guest card and let us know where you leased.  If you are ready to get started please choose one of the options below:


Fill out our online web form

Click Here to fill out a web form that will give us the information we need to get started on your apartment list.



Call Us: 972-869-3733

This option allows you to discuss your requirements with one of our apartment locating agents.  It takes around 5-10 minutes and we can tailor your apartment list to your preferences. If you have special requirements or have issues that could keep you from getting approved, this is the best option so we can discuss the details.


Search our online database of properties

This option allows you to search online and see pictures, floor plans and pricing. You can select the apartments you are interested in and send us the listings and we will check pricing and availability for you.